Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Essence Salon

One of my great friends, Christina, treated me to a pedicure for my birthday. We usually drive over toward Kadena to visit Cocok, but this time she chose Essence Salon, the awesome new spa and nail salon that just opened about 5 minutes away from Courtney's main gate. I had seen signs for Essence, but I didn't realize how close it was, or how nice it would be.

They have a great, cozy pedicure area for two people. The chairs were so comfortable, and they even have baskets to set your purse in and blankets to cover your legs if you wore a skirt or shorts. They even spoiled us with a free drink and tea cookies.

Both of us did the pedicure with art, which cost ¥4,000. The pedicure included a very nice foot bath with a choice of jasmine, rose, and shea butter soaks; a foot scrub; a very nice foot and leg massage; and your choice of nail art from their huge selection of sample art.

I always choose a navy blue color, with something sparkly. I think it's because I subconsciously want to wear blue when I go to the salon, because it's a relaxing color. Then, I want my toes to match my outfit for the day.

Christina chose this awesome red color with a pattern of black swirls and little hearts. Both of our toes still look fairly good, but sadly Christina's rhinestones fell off after about a week, and they chipped her paint.

Essence offers a wide range of services, that you can see listed above. While I can only vouch for the pedicures, I'm sure everything else is just as fabulous. I did get to see their two manicure stations, which were fully stocked with everything you could need for a great manicure. I'd love to go back and get a massage. I did hear from Christina that they only have one room for massages/facials, so unfortunately this isn't the venue for a huge girls' day, but that makes it an even more perfect location to relax, without the crowds.


Essence is located on Route 75, just south of Courtney.

From Courtney's Housing Gate, take a double left onto 75, then continue straight through one traffic light. Essence will be on the left, just past the Mos Burger, and directly across from the Family mart. To get to the store front, turn left at the 2nd traffic light, and the salon is immediately on the left. There is also overflow parking with two spaces directly off 75, just behind the building the salon is in- you'll see a small marker that says Essence, and the same big flyer pictured above with the prices.

From McTureous, turn right out the gate on Route 8. Continue until the intersection with the Lawson, and turn left on Route 75. The salon will be on the right at the 2nd stoplight. You'll be able to see the store front and whether there are parking spots from the road. If not, drive immediately past to the overflow parking behind that building on the right.

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